Sac de Prisme

New feelings through the combination of refraction of colors,
light and shadow, newly formed lines and color fittings were intended to be included in the product.
Colour blocks applied to the faces of each bag and characteristic line details
of the sides were unraveled by our own special technique to shape the refraction and
splits of light into cotton and lines.
With additional strap configuration, colorblinking matches can be made depending on the seating,
and this is a more basic and Daily design compared to the existing style.
With the addition of an inner zip compartment, storage capacity is convenient.

  • [이세영 착용]Sac de Prisme FA9AB004-6X


  • Sac de Prisme FA9AB004-B7


  • [표예진,러블리즈 정예인 착용]Sac de Prisme FA9AB004-10



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