Sac de Arquer

sac de archer, where straight lines and curves meet in three dimensions to form a unique shape,
is a style characterized by the intersecting of the entrance line of the bag and
the sense of space provided by the curve at the bottom.
We used our own materials with soft suede touch material on the back of flat cowhide.
The logo is imprinted on the top where the bag can be opened and closed,
showing oversized logo play as decoration.
It is a style in which the characters of the product are highlighted by a separate strap matching.
The interior compartments are separated, making it more convenient.

  • [(여자)아이들 민니 착용]Sac de Arquer FA9AB005-6X


  • [남보라,김나영 착용]Sac de Arquer FA9AB005-23



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