20FW 'Balance It All'

We suggest a collection inspired by 'Mobile,' called the moving sculpture,
among the works of ‘Alexander Calder’, the pioneer of kinetic art.

We have paid more attention on completing a perfectly balanced design for this collection
which inspired by “Mobile” that look different from moment to moment according to the balance of lines and objects.

The product, which combines lines and sides, shapes and hardware, and colors and materials,
offers an eternal beauty that transcends time and space, just like works that express the era.

  • [손담비,강민경,보라끌레르,김나영 착용]Sac de Bateau Medium FA0AB028-10

  • [18어게인 김하늘,보라끌레르 착용]Sac de Bateau Small FA0AB029-CF

  • [보라끌레르 착용]Sac de Sente Medium FA0AA025-10

  • [청춘기록 박소담,윤승아착용]Sac de Sente Small FA0AA026-CF

  • [펜트하우스 이지아,보라끌레르]Sac de Cercle FA0AB031-CG

  • [18어게인 김하늘,윤승아착용]Sac de Cercle FA0AB027-96


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